Monday, July 02, 2012


10 JUNE • I met Chie san (YH's auntie) for the first time in October last year during YH's sister's wedding. But I couldn't have much time to talk to her. The only thing I knew about her is that she is a calligraphy teacher in YH's hometown, Mukawa. This time, I could pay her a visit. Went to her classroom (and her house as well), I tried writing some words, hiragana and kanji. I wrote and she corrected me. It was fun because the last time I learned writing calligraphy was during my secondary school days and I totally forgotten what I had learned. Chie san was kind enough to give me a massage and 3 kani (crabs) as present. I was touched. Really kind lady. I hope to see her again. :)


7 JUNE • I woke up in YH friend's garage this morning. Weather was really cooling. I looked out of the window to see so many beautiful flowers which I didn't get to see the night before when I reached his house. His mum brought us around to check out her little garden, so many beautiful flowers all taken care by her. I was so amazed by the tree house too!!!! What a lovely garden she has! A city girl like me couldn't help feeling envious as I don't get to see such a lovely garden in Singapore... :(


6 JUNE • First time meeting YH's hometown friends for BBQ since we didn't have a wedding party in Hokkaido. YH's friend has a garage just outside his house. I had great time meeting his friends (about 10 of them) They were all YH's high school, judo friends. Though I could fully understand what they were talking about (my Japanese is bad), I could sense they are really down to earth good kind friends of YH. Some of them are farmers! Wow, I must visit their farms :D As for the BBQ. I love the mushrooms and green peper bbq. So yummy. I can fully understand why vegetables in Hokkaido are so fresh and yummy. But I made a big mistake by mixing my red wine with white wine...big trouble in end I vomited out all my dinner and landed up sleeping in friend's garage overnight with YH. Hahahha... (ps: I gave the bag of vomit to YH to get rid...the rest I cannot remember....heeee)


5 JUNE • I needed to run. So hubby YH brought me to a park near his house. It's called "Tampopo Park". This park is about the size of our track and field in school. The whole is filled with tampopo!!!! So beautiful. I really enjoyed taking pictures there and running round them. The view was so good. I cannot see such view like this in Singapore. I will come back here for a run again. :D


4 JUNE • I took 1 month off from work and Spent 3 weeks in Japan. 1st stop to Hokkaido, flight was long cos I got to make a transit in Hong Kong. And by the time I reached Sapporo, Hokkaido. I was totally exhausted. I told my mother-in-law first thing when she came to the airport to fetch us. I wanted to eat soup curry. She bought me this RAMAI restaurant and I must said the soup curry was fantastic! Compare to the last time I ate in another restaurant, this is the best!