Wednesday, June 15, 2011

15 Jun 2011.

I fell in love with cherry lately. I did not know that they taste so fantastic. Sounds stupid but maybe it is because I used to think fresh cherry will taste like cough mixture, like the preserved ones (those used in cocktail drinks). So I never wanted to try eating one. But I totally changed now. :D I love cherry so much that I willingly paid a lot of $$$ for them...And I even thinking of using them as an illustration idea to design a charity Tee for Japan Tsunami victims...What do everyone think?

10 Jun 2011.

I am running for a marathon dream. As a beginner I started from scratch. Been running for 3 months since March. A little by little I have overcome. I will finish the 5km SHAPE RUN on 24 July. And slowly, 10Km and increase a little by little till the day I hope I can run the full marathon at 42.2km. Maybe it will be just a dream, I do not know. GOD said "enjoy the process" is more important. So I will do my best from now and not forgetting to keep my heart strong.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

16 May 2011.

At first we wanted to watch LADYBOY show but the bar only starts at 7pm and we were early at 6.30pm. No where to go, we were led by the bar owner to a another bar on second level. There was a big stage with a few half naked ladies (most of them in their late 40s) 'looks like' they are doing pole dancing. Actually they were more like just swinging around the pole, not really dancing. Immediately, I realised its not any LADYBOY show, its a real women TIGERSHOW.

We ordered 2 small bottles of tiger beer and then 2 ladies started to perform. Using their xxx to blow candles, hold a pen to write and blowing out pin pong balls. It was my first time watching such a show. I was excited so I bought them 2 drinks (one glass is 100THB).

When it was time to go, we asked for the bill and that was when our nightmare began. The bill came out to be 3,1000THB which was ridiculous. Owner of the bar was a fat lady and she insisted that we must pay up, we tried to reason with her that it should be 300THB and no way we will pay up 3,100THB. She was very angry and instructed her staff in thai to close the door and not letting us out until we pay up. I was freaked out! But YH was so calm and insisted not to pay. The bargain went on and on until YH told me softly in my ear that I should try to go out the bar and wait for him. He then told the owner we will make a police report. I trusted YH and amazingly found strength to push my way through the staffs and dashed out of the bar.

I thought maybe I should call police but I do not know how, after panicking for about 5mins outside the bar, YH came out. He was smiling and when asked how much he pay?Only pay 300THB. I guess...Maybe they were afraid I REALLY gone out to make a police report so they let YH go and pay the bill at 300THB.

It was a scary night for me...

What if they got some big guys to beat up YH during the negotiation. That's the worst scenario I can imagine. Nevertheless, I will never want to go to that street again. After we came out of the bar, YH still asked me "do you still want to watch LADYBOY show?" WTF!!!!! I WANT TO LEAVE THIS F**KING PLACE ASAP!!!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

10 May 2011.

 First time to Bangkok. Everything here is cheap cheap and cheap. Delicious food and friendly locals. I love the massage! Must go there again.

14 May 2011.

Nature in Thailand is beautiful. Having lunch next to the waterfall. Listening to the sound of the insects. Amazing.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

8 Jun 2011.

I was on MC for 2 days. Its the time of every month and I needed rest very much. While resting at home, I packed some of the dried flowers and plants which I collected lately. Took some pictures and post them in my blog. Really love this plants and I hope to collect some more exotic ones in future.

20 May 2011.

I bought a set of watercolor palette but I have no idea how to use it. I like the softness effect that watercolor produces, will try to use it in my P-Diary drawing from now. :D Since I am not a pro so instead of spending so much money buying expensive professional watercolor set (those in tubes), I bought this rather cheap and portable set so that I can bring it out when I go on site drawing. :D I love it. Will invest on an affordable professional set when I am very good in future.