Thursday, May 06, 2010


20 APRIL • Went to Sentosa for a magazine photoshoot. I love to look at the greens, they make me feel really good...

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


17 & 18 APRIL • Finally we made a trip to KULAI, LM's house in Malaysia. YH, me and Ms M, of course together with LM and his daughter, DOU DOU drove up to JB on a Friday night, journey only about 1 hour, very near. The purpose of this trip is to check-out factory that sells second-hand imported bicycles from Japan. Woooooooo!!!! I bought a small wheel bicycle at S$150! Good buy!


16 APRIL • Very touched...thanks everyone for their contributions. i have very nice pegs. Big thanks to Maureen, Allyson, Yanni, Jinghua, Sherry and Vivian.


13 APRIL • If only I can be packed in a small bag, I would want to taken away to a far far away land...


12 APRIL • Cannot imagine myself being an idol...


11 APRIL • Please meet my friend, he will be my companion in P-dairy. Please welcome him. :) He is really shy....


10 APRIL • I still need a lot of pegs for my exhibition, please help!!!!


7 APRIL • We helped each other to cut our hair....Quite scary for me. First time cutting someone’s hair and first time my hair being cut by someone who is not professionally trained.


6 APRIL • Heeeeeeee, 9 more drawings!!!!! Yeah yeah yeah!!!! I did it!


5 APRIL • Please meet my alien friend from the X-FILES. :D