Wednesday, March 24, 2010


22 MARCH • I want to hold a balloon and walk on the street like the way I used to be when I was a kid. I know it might sound silly....because I am an adult now. I remembered my childhood was so free of many things, don't need to worry about money, food, house, work... But time is non-reversible... As an adult, you need to behave like choice...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


21 MARCH • Heeeeee...Asked YH to paint my nails today...


21 MARCH • I need 730 pegs to clip my 365 drawings...Any sponsors?


21 MARCH • Today's message I learned in church..."There are 2 types of Christians.- One who always wait upon the LORD and the other who always keep the LORD waiting." Interesting...Which type of Christian are you?


20 MARCH • Made some new friends today. Ichiro and Yuko both Japanese who lived in Singapore for one and a half year. They are friends of Joanne and Little. Thanks to their introduction, YH had a great time talking to Ichiro and Yuki in their native language. :)


19 MARCH • No one can imagine how much love that GOD can gives us even if we didn't ask for it. In life we always questioned ourselves why unhappy things happen to us? Instead of keep looking for an answer to that question, LOOK UP and see GOD. You may or may not find the answer you need but I am sure you can find something in substitute...And that will be HIS love and comfort.


20 MARCH • I am learning Japanese not from language school anymore but from YH now.


19 MARCH • I bought 2 magnifying glasses at $2 for a pair at DAISO. I want to leave them at the exhibition hall for viewers to use if they want to read my writings on my P-diary drawings...


18 MARCH • It's important to go for a regular body check-up, especially women...Sometimes, I wonder why do women have breasts? 'They' fall sick so easily and so prone to having lumps in them...I have such a strange thinking because lately, my 'companions' did a scan...'They' might need to go for another one soon...troublesome...but no choice...


18 MARCH • It's not confirmed yet...I have to come out with 1 poster for my exhibition. Just 1 poster will do...So I have decided to hand-drawn one...


17 MARCH • I cooked again after long time. 2 dishes...Broccoli and mushrooms. Pan-fried salmon with gravvy. YH love them.:D Heee...


16 MARCH • Many of my friends do not like rainy days...including YH. As for me, I love it!!!! Singapore's weather is really strange lately...Sometimes, it is so hot that you can fry an egg on your head...and sometimes, it can pour like crazy and flood your house...


16 MARCH • Postcard design for my exhibition is completed!!!! Yeah!!! Send send send!!!


15 MARCH • We enjoyed slow jog and fast walk. for at least 1 hour everyday. Where? From my house to PSA and Harbour Front. About 2.5KM. Good exercise for us.


15 MARCH • I went to Sentosa Soloso beach with YH. It has been a while since the last time I stepped onto a sandy beach. Weather is perfect, windy and cloudy. We chilled and relax on the beach. We chatted and ate fried bee hoon, then YH dived into the water. Envy but I really don't like swimming in the sea water...Anyway, it's good to relax yourself at the beach, away from the hectic life in the office...

Sunday, March 14, 2010


14 MARCH • It's "white Valentine day" today. Only the Japanese practice that, on this day, guys will give out chocolates to the girls they like (2 Feb is girls to guys) since I have a Japanese boyfriend, I automatically follow the culture but my dear YH totally forgotten about it...Not disappointed since we are together in Singapore. The love warm hug he gave me is as good as the chocolates...Heeeee.


14 MARCH • YH went to Arab street by himself and came back with a surprised gift for me. A bracelet with beads that looks like eyeballs!!! I simply love it!!!! This is his first time giving me an accessory as a gift. :) I was really touched...


13 MARCH • YH and I took 3 hours walk from our house to the long bridge at Deport road...Tired but looking at the green made us feel good...


12 MARCH • My gastric pain is getting from bad to worst...It's my fault...I was suppose to watch my diet but in such a hot weather like Singapore, I couldn't help not to drink cold water...I have to suffer for my own sake...pain is so unbearable that I have to roll up like a shrimp...


12 MARCH • Donuts are hard to resist!!!!!


11 MARCH • I have decided to change my look and it will be brought forward throughout my P-diary drawings starting from today. My usual black stripes tee and blue jeans shorts, last its my black frame glasses and black ballerina plumps.


11 MARCH • I remembered my first visit to UNIVERSAL STUDIO was at least 16 years ago. I had a great time there. Since then, I always wanted to visit it again. Hahahahahaha, now I do not need to travel 24 hours to Florida cos Singapore's UNIVERSAL STUDIOS opening soon!!! Yeah!!!! I am looking forward for sure!!!


10 MARCH • I had a very tiring shoot today. First, it's the location, hot and humid and couple of restrictions...I hate "restrictions" then it's the outfits on the mobile rack...Bumpy floor, small rollers cum hot weather...I really pity those freelance stylists who work for our magazines. Salute to them...Definitely not a easy job...


10 MARCH • Fill me with too much things and their high expectations can stress me out...That's only this much I can do...Sign...


9 MARCH • My heart freezes when I heard the crack sound from the window glass. All because YH exerted too much force on screwing the screw into the knob handle...Scare the hell out of me!!! I was so worried...what if the glass shatter into pieces and drop on someone's head from my 13th storey...Errrrrrrrrrrr...What a night...In the end, we used tape to hold the crack and pray hard before I went to bed...

Monday, March 08, 2010

我今天做了Banana boat雪糕。

8 MARCH • Usually during the day, I will be working in the air-con office. But because I took leave to stay at home today, I nearly 'die' of heat! It was so hot in the afternoon!!!! I took a nap and woke up drenched with sweat, in such a hot weather, cold shower and a cold dessert like ice-cream will make a perfect day. And I made myself such a day today. :D


8 MARCH • DIY mosquito mesh by YH. Cheap and easy. Most important, it works. Hahhahaha!


7 MARCH • Today's massage, a little difficult to 100% enjoy...I was been arranged to a room with 3 beds. It was empty and I was sleeping on the bed which is right to the end. It was about 20 minutes later, I was awaken by a woman voice and a man voice in the room! Oh mine...first the woman asked to shift her bed to 45 degree and she seems to be talking a lot throughout the massage. Then its the man customer talking how his body to be massage...Gosh, what a bad arrangement? The 2 ladies are almost naked!!!! Women and men sharing same room? if its not Ya mei, my favourite therapist, I would have ditch this place long ago...Next time, I have to really make special request for a single room for myself...

我們做了banana fondue。

7 MARCH • We finally used the toys that YH gave me some time back. The banana fondue turn out really good!!! We had fun making it. :)


6 MARCH • I wanted to pass the pineapple cup cakes to Ms M so YH and I went to her house in the morning. This is the first time YH met Ms M in Singapore, the last meeting was in Tokyo. We went to Whampoa market for breakfast and then we walked back to Ms M's house to meet the 2 house cats, Marvvy and Muji. YH enjoyed playing with Marvvy, our Muji was a little 'ah tase" that day, so she didn't really play with YH. Hahhahaha, maybe next time. :)


6 MARCH • I am still find it amazing how we met...All started because of his drawings...He draw and so do I.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


5 MARCH • We went dating today. Heee... After a swim, we went to have breakfast at Little India Tekka Market hawker centre. We walked around the wet market and bought a box of strawberry and kiwi. YH really loved the wet market and amazed at the fresh seafood sold there, actually, I was equally amazed to discover small shark are sold in such a market too...Oh mine....Then after that, we went to friend's cafe to pick cupcakes which I have ordered 2 weeks ago. Of course, we sat down to drink and had a cup cake to share. The weather was really hot and make us so tired that we decided to go home and rest...Why Singapore so hot huh????


5 MARCH • Finally can take leave today... I went swimming at the gym and just happened to see a 'superwoman' woman who worked in the gym, was carrying a stack of multi colours plastic cups, it was really a very tall stack...I was amazed...


4 MARCH • I got an interesting job from my boss. To come out with a design for a ECO bag. This is a collaboration of our magazine and famous fashion label, GXX Requirement given, to play around the word'0% plastic' using Typo design or illustration.


4 MARCH • Ms M told me from what she had research from the internet, cats are carnivore creatures who feed on raw meet rather than fish which is mistakenly portrayed that they eat fish and drink milk. Then I have this image in my head...Ms M's Marvvy the cat eating raw meat and my dog, bowie's the vegetarian dog....Hahahahahaha...


3 MARCH • I love swimming...I can go everyday but when comes to deadline week...Sign...I have to skip my swimming routine...


3 MARCH • I am in search of something that I do not know what it is...I knew there is something ahead of me that I need to look for it and find it...What is it? I guess I just have to keep looking...


2 MARCH • DEADLINES. Never ending...First its my magazine. Then the deadline for completion of 365 drawings for my exhibition and last, purchasing house preparation...Oh mine...


1 MARCH • Life is about striking a good balance. How you balance the things and people around you...I think I have mastered that skill very well now...

Thursday, March 04, 2010


1 MARCH • I really love sweet lately. Cupcakes, chocolates...Yes yes of course people will tell me its really no good to take too much sugar but I think food that is excessive is no good for anyone. Moderate intake is still the best.


28 FEBRUARY • After our last CNY 'lou hei', I hope YH had a good experience on his first day in Singapore. Will he????


28 FEBRUARY • I 'pity' YH who arrived Singapore on a 'wrong timing'...Apparently, today is the hottest and the most humid day in Singapore. I think the heat really fried his head (according to him). We went out for a walk in the afternoon, by the time, we reached home, we were really exhausted...tired because of the heat...I hope he can slowly get used to the weather in a tropical country.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010


27 FEBRUARY • 1am on a Sunday morning. YH finally arrived with 2 big boxes and a backpack.


27 FEBRUARY • I attended Ms GL's party, theme is "Imperial China"...It's a Chinese restaurant and it famous for their charcoal stove grilled peking duck...Ummmmm...the free flow peking duck counter is always with a long in the end, I didn't get to try it cos' I needed to leave to the airport to pick up YH...Sign

Monday, March 01, 2010


26 FEBRUARY • Hot hot hot!!!! From end Feb to Mar, the sun is going make everyone backsides on fire!!!!


26 FEBRUARY • Too much it overflows...I am sorry Mr bus driver...


25 FEBRUARY • I have been watching X-FILES and got hooked on this drama. I like the excitement this drama gave me each time. Especially, the past few episodes I watched was about aliens abduction...Cool!!! I really like aliens...ummmm...I wanted to draw a story on aliens attack in future. Heeeee.


25 FEBRUARY • I went for a CT scan recently and the result is out. Health is so important...Not big problem, but I still need to seek a second opinion so I will ask my company doctor to refer me to a specialist.