Sunday, January 31, 2010


15 JANUARY • First day of lesson...I was a little nervous. learning something I am not familiar with...makes me a little tensed up but I did enjoy myself very much...Looking forward to my next lesson...

我去香港again-Part 6 (Last)

13 JANUARY • Last day in Hong Kong. I have never been to the HONG KONG HISTORY MUSEUM from all my trips to this country. So my brother brought me and YH to this wonderful place. Its huge really huge! So big that they can even built a to scale "pau" hill (包山) in the museum.... I was so impressed. To learn more about this 包山, read from this website.

我去香港again-Part 5

13 JANUARY • This is my last day in Hong Kong but I didn't wake up early to go breakfast with YH cos I was really really tired. YH wanted to challenge himself to go out by himself. He can only speak English and so so I was a little skeptical about him going out alone. But since he is an independant person, I shouldn't worry too much. In the end, he came back with an interesting experience he had while trying to make the waiter in a restaurant understand what he wanted to order for breakfast...Practically its' chicken talking to a duck"....I can imagine the scenerio...hahahahaha, I told YH, it was a good experience...for him, of course.

我去香港again-Part 4

12 JANUARY • YH and I were really really exhausted after walking the whole day...

我去香港again-Part 3

11 JANUARY • Shopping with my sister-in-law. She brought me to this shop that gives very good discount on branded clothes. I didn't intend to shop in this trip but saw a nice and ideal jacket to get for JH's belated Birthday. Then I also bought a dress and a bag for myself. Good buy really good buy.

我去香港again-Part 2

10 JANUARY • YH and me went to a supermarket. Sorry we were still in Hong Kong. What were 2 tourists doing in a supermarket? shopping of course, we busy piling up our trolley with instant packet macaroni. So funny....And we really bought a lot cos only Hong Kong carries this. We really bought a joke...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

我去香港again-Part 1

10 JANUARY • Visited my brother and family for 6 days in Hong Kong. Met YH who flew there from Tokyo. This is really a eating trip. What did I ate this few days? Look at my stomach loh....

1. Swedish chicken wings (dark sauce stew chicken wings with very good marination) from Taiping Restaurant.
2. I had beer at road side hawker (大排檔)
3. YH made some taiyaki of various flavours and brought them to HK, very delicious.
4. Egg plant with fishpaste, pan-fried. Super delicious!!! Highly recommended. This 牛記茶餐廳 is located at no. 3, Gough street, central. Famous for their beef brisket claypot.
5. Egg tart. Ex-governor always go there. Taste so.
6. Fried Hor fun.
7. Crab meat clear soup from Taiping Restaurant.
8. Mango paste odeh odeh from 許留山.
9. Milk tea hard to resist, I practically drank one everyday.
10. Clams I had at 大排檔.
11. Frog legs with spring onions from 牛記茶餐廳.
12. 西多士 became YH's favourite. :)
13. Dumpling soup 灌盪餃 is one of my favourite at dim sum restaurant.
14. Mango ice-cream with fresh mango toppings from 許留山.
15. Carrot cakes, pan-fried.
16. Soup instant noodles with pan-fried egg (公仔面盪)
17. Fishballs.
18. Vegetables with oyster sauce.
19. Wanton noodles from 池記. Yummy.
20. Char Siew Pau.
21. 燒賣.


4 JANUARY • Has anyone tried waxing before? This is not my first time, painful but I kind of like it cos after the procedure, I feel smooth, clean and 'airy' hahahaha, I really like the sensation. Painful? Ummmmmm...Still manageable.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


1 JANUARY • What did I do on New year 2010? Stay in Singapore? No way, my friends and I made a short trip to Malacca again. The last time we went, we didn't get a chance to try the chicken rice so this time round we swear to ourselves we will not miss it again. So so so, we ordered a half chicken and many many rice balls., it's really yummy, surprisingly, the rice balls taste really good even for someone like Ms M who is never a rice fan, ate more than her usual portion of rice in the meal. Wooooooo...I don't mind eating that again...Shall we, my friends?

Thursday, January 21, 2010


19 JANUARY • Need to practice writing this Hiragana for my Japanese lesson...

我用除背痛OK BAND。

18 JANUARY • YH gave me some round shape plasters to use on my aching back. Very smelly but quite useful...Rather small so got to use a lot to over the entire back...Apparently, this is not for sale (試供品). Safe to use right? :(


18 JANUARY • It's Monday blue...again...again...Sign...


17 JANUARY • Ms M first time to Vivo Diaso, so she was a little excited to discover a lot of things she can buy there.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


22 DECEMBER • I cannot imagine the money I have to pay for my next telephone bill...Keep my finger crossed...