Wednesday, July 28, 2010


25 JULY • Prissy special dumplings. I made this again today. Yummy.


24 JULY • YH & I were invited by Ms M to a BBQ at East Coast park. The food and gathering were good and fun fun fun, we really enjoyed. :D


14 JULY • After waited for 1 month, YH is back from India...But I was a little shocked to see him at the airport...HE LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT due to minor food posioning...Sign..After all, India really not a clean place to travel to...

我暍KOI CAFE珍珠奶茶。

13 JULY • KOI cafe bubble milk tea...I tried it for the first time...taste is not bad but I wouldn't say its the best...Worth trying if you haven't. :D


24 JUNE • Hey guys, you all are so so creative!!!!!! What an economic way to use plastic bags to cover yourselves from getting drenched in the rain. Most importantly...your "dare to wear" attitude really impressed me...

Monday, July 12, 2010


30 JUNE • My PMS really bad this month...Insomnia and migraine everyday for 1 and half week...Plus deadline week...I was tired and really bad mood...sign...Woman woman ah...