Wednesday, July 28, 2010


25 JULY • Prissy special dumplings. I made this again today. Yummy.


24 JULY • YH & I were invited by Ms M to a BBQ at East Coast park. The food and gathering were good and fun fun fun, we really enjoyed. :D


14 JULY • After waited for 1 month, YH is back from India...But I was a little shocked to see him at the airport...HE LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT due to minor food posioning...Sign..After all, India really not a clean place to travel to...

我暍KOI CAFE珍珠奶茶。

13 JULY • KOI cafe bubble milk tea...I tried it for the first time...taste is not bad but I wouldn't say its the best...Worth trying if you haven't. :D


24 JUNE • Hey guys, you all are so so creative!!!!!! What an economic way to use plastic bags to cover yourselves from getting drenched in the rain. Most importantly...your "dare to wear" attitude really impressed me...

Monday, July 12, 2010


30 JUNE • My PMS really bad this month...Insomnia and migraine everyday for 1 and half week...Plus deadline week...I was tired and really bad mood...sign...Woman woman ah...

Friday, June 25, 2010

我去了Ms F的攝影展。

23 JUNE • Went to Ms F & Ms S photography exhibition. From the pictures, I got to know a little more about Ms F. Really good pictures.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


22 JUNE • After a meeting, I can understand "Ah ma"'s job is not easy, especially she has to handle people who are dis-organized...But I hope she will learn to coll down a little sometimes cos anger will do her no good, especially to her health...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


14-17 MAY • Tioman!!! Our first time to this beautiful island in Malaysia. Took us almost 12 hours to reach there, so long? Actually feery ride is only 1 hour, most of the time is we waiting for the bus, waiting for the ferry. Anyway, worth it when we saw the crystal clear sea water and beautiful corals... :) Swimming in the sea, chilling out on a hammock, romantic seafood dinner a the beach....ummmm, I want to go beach again with YH. :D

Monday, June 21, 2010


17 JUNE • Sniff his used tee made me feel better when I missed him. Even a smelly tee can smell good because of love. Hahahaha...


16 JUNE • YH and his one month adventuring trip in India. See you on 14 July. :D

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


31 MAY • I have been away for a while, rest and think a lot. Sometimes, think too much...Anyway, back in action now to update my 'P-DIARY' from now on.

Thursday, May 06, 2010


20 APRIL • Went to Sentosa for a magazine photoshoot. I love to look at the greens, they make me feel really good...

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


17 & 18 APRIL • Finally we made a trip to KULAI, LM's house in Malaysia. YH, me and Ms M, of course together with LM and his daughter, DOU DOU drove up to JB on a Friday night, journey only about 1 hour, very near. The purpose of this trip is to check-out factory that sells second-hand imported bicycles from Japan. Woooooooo!!!! I bought a small wheel bicycle at S$150! Good buy!


16 APRIL • Very touched...thanks everyone for their contributions. i have very nice pegs. Big thanks to Maureen, Allyson, Yanni, Jinghua, Sherry and Vivian.


13 APRIL • If only I can be packed in a small bag, I would want to taken away to a far far away land...


12 APRIL • Cannot imagine myself being an idol...


11 APRIL • Please meet my friend, he will be my companion in P-dairy. Please welcome him. :) He is really shy....


10 APRIL • I still need a lot of pegs for my exhibition, please help!!!!


7 APRIL • We helped each other to cut our hair....Quite scary for me. First time cutting someone’s hair and first time my hair being cut by someone who is not professionally trained.


6 APRIL • Heeeeeeee, 9 more drawings!!!!! Yeah yeah yeah!!!! I did it!


5 APRIL • Please meet my alien friend from the X-FILES. :D

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


4 APRIL • After a good dinner with Ms F & Ms M, YH and I decided to walk home from Jalan Besar. We passed by Sungei Road where the flea market is, we saw an open field and there was a huge movie screen, playing Hindi movie. Many Indians were seated there, drinking and talking. It's really a nice idea, especially for this foreign workers who might not want to spend money on movie ticket, they can chill out with friends here and watch a free movie at the same time. :)


3 APRIL • Watched the movie 'Clash of the Titan' today. It's such a classic story about Greek mythology. Medusa, once a beauty even the GOD was so jealous of her, turned her into a monster. Head with snakes, a scorpion body and a pair of eyes, can turn any men into stone by looking at her.


2 APRIL • When you are in love, even the most smelly t-shirt of your lover, can still smell like perfume... Does love really blind our senses?


1 APRIL • Bad mood today...Sometimes such a feeling comes, I really can't help it...


31 MARCH • I wish I can relax in a field...with flowers around me...birds singing and breeze blowing softly...Away from work, away from people...just by myself for a day. :D


30 MARCH • Please meet my new Japanese friend from Tokyo, Ms Yuki Sato. She is YH's ex-colleague and friend now who had been traveling around ASIA since October last year. Amazed by her courage to travel alone, I wished I can have such a courage, free time and money to travel...Actually, she didn't really spent a lot of money despite the countries she went to, according to her, she only spent about US3000!!! in all her past trips, how many countries? I couldn't remember...Wow...Amazing lady. :)


29 MARCH • Maybe I was really bored at home, so I started looking at things around me. Straight, vertical lines objects that are in my room.
1. Color marker on my table.
2. Lamp next to my drawing table.
3. Wooden cross on my wall.
4. Incense from YH.
5. Ruler.
6. Pencil used for drawing.
7. Metal rod which is used for hanging my curtain.
8. 'Bekunis' tea which I help Ms V to buy. 24 cans stack up.
9. My stripes T-shirt on my bed.
10. White canvas on the floor, side view.
11. Rolled up Pilates mate.
12. Cardboard cylinder container, used to put YH's drawings when he sent them over to me.


28 MARCH • Hahahahaha...We got very strong craving for Japanese curry rice so we decided to cook that together. I love Japanese short grain rice and with the curry, I can really eat a lot!!!


27 MARCH • YH and I went to DELTA swimming complex for a swim on a Sunday morning...It was really enjoyable. :) YH told me he used to hate swimming but after we left the pool, he told me he fall in love with swimming for the first time. And he will come here by himself next time.


26 MARCH • Don't understand why it's painful...I need to see the doctor asap...Sign.


25 MARCH • Ladies, are we ready? Let's go!!!!!


24 MARCH • I want to draw something to sell in my exhibition...But inspiration is hard to get sometimes, if it comes, it comes...if not, I have to wait...Someone told me before that it's always a challenge to work on a white canvas...once a stroke or tint of paint on it automatically give 'life' to the blank canvas.


23 MARCH • This is my garden...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


22 MARCH • I want to hold a balloon and walk on the street like the way I used to be when I was a kid. I know it might sound silly....because I am an adult now. I remembered my childhood was so free of many things, don't need to worry about money, food, house, work... But time is non-reversible... As an adult, you need to behave like choice...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


21 MARCH • Heeeeee...Asked YH to paint my nails today...


21 MARCH • I need 730 pegs to clip my 365 drawings...Any sponsors?


21 MARCH • Today's message I learned in church..."There are 2 types of Christians.- One who always wait upon the LORD and the other who always keep the LORD waiting." Interesting...Which type of Christian are you?


20 MARCH • Made some new friends today. Ichiro and Yuko both Japanese who lived in Singapore for one and a half year. They are friends of Joanne and Little. Thanks to their introduction, YH had a great time talking to Ichiro and Yuki in their native language. :)


19 MARCH • No one can imagine how much love that GOD can gives us even if we didn't ask for it. In life we always questioned ourselves why unhappy things happen to us? Instead of keep looking for an answer to that question, LOOK UP and see GOD. You may or may not find the answer you need but I am sure you can find something in substitute...And that will be HIS love and comfort.


20 MARCH • I am learning Japanese not from language school anymore but from YH now.


19 MARCH • I bought 2 magnifying glasses at $2 for a pair at DAISO. I want to leave them at the exhibition hall for viewers to use if they want to read my writings on my P-diary drawings...


18 MARCH • It's important to go for a regular body check-up, especially women...Sometimes, I wonder why do women have breasts? 'They' fall sick so easily and so prone to having lumps in them...I have such a strange thinking because lately, my 'companions' did a scan...'They' might need to go for another one soon...troublesome...but no choice...


18 MARCH • It's not confirmed yet...I have to come out with 1 poster for my exhibition. Just 1 poster will do...So I have decided to hand-drawn one...


17 MARCH • I cooked again after long time. 2 dishes...Broccoli and mushrooms. Pan-fried salmon with gravvy. YH love them.:D Heee...


16 MARCH • Many of my friends do not like rainy days...including YH. As for me, I love it!!!! Singapore's weather is really strange lately...Sometimes, it is so hot that you can fry an egg on your head...and sometimes, it can pour like crazy and flood your house...


16 MARCH • Postcard design for my exhibition is completed!!!! Yeah!!! Send send send!!!


15 MARCH • We enjoyed slow jog and fast walk. for at least 1 hour everyday. Where? From my house to PSA and Harbour Front. About 2.5KM. Good exercise for us.


15 MARCH • I went to Sentosa Soloso beach with YH. It has been a while since the last time I stepped onto a sandy beach. Weather is perfect, windy and cloudy. We chilled and relax on the beach. We chatted and ate fried bee hoon, then YH dived into the water. Envy but I really don't like swimming in the sea water...Anyway, it's good to relax yourself at the beach, away from the hectic life in the office...