Monday, December 28, 2009


22 DECEMBER • It's Yohei's birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I bought him a blue wind breaker and an 'imaginary birthday cake', with 31 candles on it.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


21 DECEMBER • I called YH at 12am (Tokyo time) just to wish him a 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY". I wish I could be with him eyes were still so swollen...At least, I get to see him on Skype on his birthday and be the first to wish him.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


21 DECEMBER • Because of the crying, my pair of eyes were so swollen...Goodness...PMS me is really scary, I have decided to hide in my cave when the next PMS comes.


20 DECEMBER • Something unhappy happened. I was really sad but glad that YH is with me. His phone call arrived at the right time.


20 DECEMBER • Ms M and I went for a crepe dessert at Liang Court after a Japanese ramen lunch. But the crepe taste really so so...Still Tokyo the best...

Sunday, December 20, 2009


19 DECEMBER • I have to complete quite a number of P-Diary drawings for the past 1 week because I was too busy with some other things. So, I have decided to stay desk bound on a Saturday to finish at least 12 drawings. I can do it!!!!


18 DECEMBER • Bought such a big watermelon for the first time in my whole life all because I have a house warming party to attend. Such a big watermelon, suspect its more than 3kg...


18 DECEMBER • I saw a teenage girl scratching her pimples face with her bare hand in the train. I almost went over to stop her from doing that. Her face were red and swollen with pimples, hand is so dirty, she shouldn't do that...That reminded me the time I have such problem skin, I would never use my hand to touch my face in the public when there so much gems and dust...I really feel like helping her...


17 DECEMBER • There's a photo shoot today in my office. Shooting exotic meat for a food feature in our Feb issue. This is my first time seeing a crocodile paw, I mean a dead crocodile paw on plate. Looks quite disgusting though but they said it has lots of collagen in it. Oh mine!!1 I don't think I want to try...


17 DECEMBER • Recently, I saw a picture YH's lunch bento he made for himself. I was inspired to also make one for him in future. Of course, all Chinese dishes.

1. Rice portion has to be more (he is a rice fan)
2. Pan-fried fish slice with a dark and light soya sauce
3. Fried lady fingers
4. Hard boil quail eggs
5. Chinese big mushrooms stuffed with minced meat & fish paste, fried with oyster sauce
6. Last, sliced Japanese cucumber

Saturday, December 19, 2009


17 DECEMBER • I had a perfume testing for shoot today. My colleague and I have to 'test smell' all this perfumes and decide how to sort them in different categories. So just imagine, we have 28 bottles of fragrances on the table and each time we spray on a strip of paper, the room also filled with this fragrance. Made me feel like I was in a garden surrounded with flowers. But also made me feel giddy...


16 DECEMBER • Beloved fans P-diary out there. I am on MC today. Too tired and busy with other things, I couldn't find any inspiration to do more than this...Apology.


15 DECEMBER • I have to increase my tolerance level to withstand the smell from the skin problem dog at home...Sometimes, I wonder what can I do about Bowie's skin problem...He never stopped licking himself...Westie breeds are known for their problematic and sensitive skin. So my mum is trying her best to take care of him. As for me, I just have to put some room fragrance to keep the stench away from my room...


14 DECEMBER • Recently, I picked up my reading habit again. And because of 20% sale in Kinokuniya lately, I bought a lot of books, mainly Chinese. I think reading is such a good past time and good hobby, pick up new knowledge from books and learn new things in life.


13 DECEMBER • When I are alone at night and miss someone like crazy, what do I do? Read his love letter before I sleep. Words in the letter can warm my lonely heart a little.


13 DECEMBER • It was Ms M's birthday today and after a happy lunch together with friends, we decided to catch a movie. Even before the 'actual' movie started, another 'live show' started right next to us. A young couple hugging each other like as if the cinema is their house, best part is the girlfriend in shorts bare her feet and put them on her man's lap...Oh mine? What's wrong with this young people?


12 DECEMBER • Keep long hair is a torture for someone who has natural wave hair...Too hard to maintain...I cut it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


12 DECEMBER • Pride. Can you feed yourself with pride? No...of course not...No matter how unsatisfied I am with my job, there are times, I have to learn to let go pride a little cos' at the end of the day, I can't go against the reality. Money. When I learn to let go a little pride of mine, my life will be a little better... :)

Monday, December 14, 2009


11 DECEMBER • I have decided to do a little business...Selling Royal Milk Tea imported from Japan. Yes thanks to Ms V, I have the source. Anyone who is interested, can email me at Only selling a packet (10 sachets) at S$6. Outside selling at S$9 (Mediya Supermarket) and S$8 (Japanese snack shop). Contain only 58Kcal, can drink it hot or cold. Order now whilst stock last.


11 DECEMBER • While traveling home in the train, I just happened to be surrounded with lots of women of different races and age groups. Then I started to think about we as women...No doubts, We are in a way stronger compare to men, be it in solving problems, be it at work or at home. And even when we feel lonely at times, we always know how to overcome it without fear...Ummmm...I am proud to be a woman ne.


10 DECEMBER • Finally come the day I can picked up my new glasses. But I didn't expect the spectacles so heavy because the frames size are big so I requested to have glass lenses instead of plastic ones which are much thicker than glass. I will look less 'gong gong'...So I have to bear with the weight for a while if I want to look good without having a thick plastic lens. No choice...

Thursday, December 10, 2009


9 DECEMBER • This is the number 197th drawing I have done, Another 168 more to go. Yes! Add oil! Add oil!


9 DECEMBER • I stuff myself with lots of food today. I don't know why I kept feeling hungry even after a meal. water retention today, so I felt blotted. Sometimes, I wonder what will I look like if I really become a fat woman, will someone love me still? :)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


8 DECEMBER • Someone ever asked me before why I like dots and stripes this much. Then I started thinking...Maybe it something to do with my character. I can be very organized in my life like the stripes in same thickness, always arranged with the space gap throughout, very consistent. But there are times, my thinking can be like the dots, go all over the place. No one is perfect. That's me.


8 DECEMBER • I finally back to the gym after resting for 2 weeks because of knees injury. It's really important take care of yourself when working out at the gym. Warm up and stretching!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

我的mini me嗎?

7 DECEMBER • My colleague Kay Lii. When I first saw her, I thought this girl is so cute...She has a very nice natural and is very cheerful girl. I like her. Ummmm...then I suddenly thought...she reminded of me when I was at her age (25) I was also once a very cute girl too...


7 DECEMBER • In this world, there are many people who are high and mighty than you. Be it age, height, status or IQ (this is so far I can think of now). In the office, there are many people who are above me, sometimes, they become huge 'mountains' to me, not that I want to climb over them but for me to reach them and talk to them like friends is really difficult...except Ms M...she is a high mountain at work but a small and nice hill as my friend. :)

Monday, December 07, 2009


6 DECEMBER • We were so thirsty and sleepy during sermon in church. Sorry Pastor Lim...Must be my bad sleep the night before and Ms M's cough lotion made her drowsy and me sleepy... Before the benediction was given, we dashed out to grab a COKE at the vending machine. Wow!!!1 COKE was such a good beverage, the gas and sugar really woke us up!


5 DECEMBER • I discovered a vintage frames shop near Ms M's house. Made my eyes roll when I saw the selections of frames they have. so vintage and price reasonable. I got a pair of red/pink frame at only $150! Wow!!! When comes to frames, I can hard to resist... Looking forward when it's ready this coming Friday.


5 DECEMBER • I went to Ms M's house again. Just feel very bored alone at home, I have many things to do but just don't feel like doing any. So I chilled out at Ms M's green home at Bahagia. I just loved the greens and the breeze at her home. Even lying down on her nice coach reading a book is so comfortable...

我喜歡MS M的幸福家。

4 DECEMBER • I just feel liked talking to Ms M so went to pick up some stuff from her new house and also meet her for breakfast, where? Hahahahaha, her new house at Jalan Bahagia. Surrounded with greens (1 old mango tree and 1 chiku tree), 2 storey, big living room and kitchen, this house is just perfect! I foresee I will always go to her house very often in future...

Thursday, December 03, 2009


2 DECEMBER • I am really tempted to bring up my unhappy and unsatisfied situation to the BIG GUY up there...


2 DECEMBER • I decided to get a pair of knee guards for both of my fragile knees. At least to shield them a little in case I injure myself again. This time round not that serious but it was an alarm to be more cautious while working out at the gym. It's important to take care of your health...


1 DECEMBER • Good morning. Nothing special happen today for me to keep a record. A usual day in the office...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009


30 NOVEMBER • I injured my knees in the gym without knowing it myself...Until the sharp pain came to me in the afternoon...I felt terrible, have to walk with a walking stick... Sign...


30 NOVEMBER • As usual. I hear the same old voice on a Monday blue morning...Do I have a choice?