Monday, November 30, 2009

我和MS M。

29 NOVEMBER • Used to be colleagues but soon we will going to be 'used to' be Tiong Bahrunians...Will miss going to TBP for dinner, eat porridge and eat at cheap and good kopitiam with Ms M...


28 NOVEMBER • Went to Ms M's new house together with JH and FL. Special recommendation from Ms M near her house has one very good and economic charcoal steamboat store. The fire really no joke and so does the smoke...Wahhhhh, FL was tearing and me too a little, thanks to my hat who shelter some smoke for me. Hahahaha....lots of fish meat and vegetables, worth eating.


28 NOVEMBER • I went to pay my course fee at the Language school, finally I am starting my Japanese lesson in Jan. After that, I had my Takoyaki and Taiyaki for lunch. 美味しい!!!


27 NOVEMBER • While chatting with YH, He told me that he appreciate the love I gave him. I wonder....Did I really? I have always been a very self-centered person, giving things to people have never been easy, not that I am selfish or what, just that I find giving love not a easy thing for me but as I grow older and with GOD'help, a little wiser and kinder each year :) I learn to give a little by little. I recently also believe holding tight to the love I have is really important, don't let go or give up so easily even in the toughest time...


27 NOVEMBER • It's public holiday today, so I brought my parents out for dim sum. While eating, there was a little thought came to my mind. I felt so small and tiny whenever I am with my dad...not because of his size or his loud voice, I guess it his 'bigger than the sky ego' hahahaha...


26 NOVEMBER • When was the last time I went to Zouk. Hahahaha...some donkey years ago. Tonight, I attended My Magazine's party "50 Most Gorgeous People" contest in Zouk. The champagne was free and taste not too bad. I drank a little.


26 NOVEMBER • Sometimes, words can be sweet and nice but some can be really quite irritating. So I learn to be 'selective' in my hearing.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


25 NOVEMBER • I think Skype is really a fantastic invention especially for people who need to communicate with loved ones overseas...Though far, we seems to be near while chatting on Skype. Technology....ummmm...hate it and love it at the same time...


25 NOVEMBER • On the way home in a train, I was talking to my colleague about childhood Birthday parties we used to have. I remembered my mum always made this watermelon fruit basket on my Birthday. I was always fascinated how my mum did it each time, transforming a round watermelon to a basket with handle. It's really a retro dessert, hard to forget. I reckon parents would bother to make things like that for their kids in this generation...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


24 NOVEMEBER • How can I not sit back and relax? Hahahaha, all the seasons of my favourite TV series are back in action. SUPERNATURAL, FRINGE and GHOST WHISPERER. I am getting more and more busy now...Need to stock up snacks...ummmm....


24 NOVEMBER • After rested for 2 days, I can say I am fully recovered. Thanks to mum's cooking. I am blessed to have such a patient and smart mum who is always full of energy. Her cooking is superb. Thanks mum, you are the best!


23 NOVEMBER • I have been really 'grey' for the past 2 days. But after a good talk and encouragement from Ms F. I felt a lot more better. Ms F told me in life its really hard to find your true love and if you found one no matter how hard it takes, how far you have to go, cherish the one you have. I was touched...It is true in life how often can you find your true love?...I learn to be strong and cherish that someone. Thank you Ms F and of course, YH.


23 NOVEMBER • Terrible...I thought I cannot make it...bad...


22 NOVEMBER • I was not well at night. Whole body was aching...Suddenly I felt so negative and lonely. I wished YH is with me when I needed comfort and maybe a big hug at that time. But but.... no choice... Then when he called me twice and hearing his voice on the phone, I was tearing...I didn't know why...I guessed when a woman is unwell or having PMS, she gets a little emotional...I hope I will be better soon...


22 NOVEMEBER • I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the broom in the kitchen basin. My dad broke a cooking clay pot while heating up his dinner. He used a indoor sweeping broom to sweep the wet stuff and broken pieces of clay on the floor...and then dumped the broom in the basin like that...and walked out of the kitchen...Strange...Really first time in my life to see such a scene...hai...Only my dad can do things like that. So I decided to clean up the mess before my mum come home to see this...I am sure she will scream...


21 NOVEMBER • I chatted with YH on Skype. The moment he saw my face appear on the small window screen, he gave me a surprised look. Yes, I cut my fringe recently, he asked if that was cut my father? of course not, it my usual hair-stylist. But the unfinished looking fringe looks like dog's bite, hahahaha, I really think so. Then both of us laugh and laugh. We had a such a good time teasing my fringe. :D Didn't know my fringe can bring joy to people, hhahahahaa, not bad. :)


21 NOVEMBER • Boring....I just want to do nothing and lie down like that.

Monday, November 23, 2009


20 NOVEMBER • It was my first time working with photographer V. After a night shoot, we decided to go for a dinner and while chatting, I found out that she had a minor stroke recently. I thought it was work stress but only later that I found out it was actually her diet. She loves seafood, sleep a little, drink a lot and high intake of salt...I wonder...Such a lifestyle...Nevertheless, she is much more healthy now and I am glad she kick off some really hardcore high cholesterol shell food and now settle on simple healthy diet.


20 NOVEMBER • After I saw a picture of 2 ladies dressed in a pin ball costumes which YH showed me, I couldn't stop laughing and even imagine myself in one of those. This costumes are available for rental at any bowling alley in Tokyo...What can I say, Japanese business men really have very strange concept and so do the customers who are daring and crazy enough to rent and wear that...I would like to try it next time...hahahaha...

Friday, November 20, 2009


19 NOVEMBER • Hahahaha, I have completed 158 (including this drawing) Yes, I left another 205 drawings to complete by April 2010. No hurry cos i also don't want to "anyhow draw" my P-diary. I have a lot of crazy and funny images in my mind so I don't think its difficult to give readers good drawings.


19 NOVEMBER • Lately, there are many people with mushrooms hairstyles around me. And it happened my mushroom hairstyle also with me for sometimes so I decided to leave the mushroom garden from today onwards.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


18 NOVEMBER • I received a phone call from YH. Just nice to tell him the 'special discount' good news. I was delighted to talk to him (though not the first time) but I realised I will feel specially happy to share something happy to my love one. :)


18 NOVEMBER • I didn't expect to receive such a good piece of news on a boring Wednesday morning. I was given a special discount on the gallery rental. 50%!!!! I could not believe man!!! Of course, besides laughing...I couldn't think of anything that can express my joy. Hahahahahahaha!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


17 NOVEMBER • It's the time of the month when my mood will move like a yoyo. It swings left and right, sometimes, it goes up & down all because of my PMS. I was surprised I am ok this few days, a little of the pink and a little to the grey side. I hope I pray that GOD will continue to give me strength to handle and control my emotions as I grow older. :)


17 NOVEMBER • I always like rainy days. I like the smell of the rain. I like the cooling breeze. I like staying on my bed on a rainy days. Usually Nov and Dec are some of my favourite months of the year because they are the monsoon months. Sometimes, I don't like rain when I am outside at night when you need to catch a bus and the bus stop are packed with people taking a shelter, but drizzle is fine to me during the day when I am walking on the street. Am I strange and cannot make up my mind what I like? Hahahahaha, I really don't know...because today is as usual raining heavily, I felt specially sentimental...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


16 NOVEMBER • Left another 211 to go in order to complete all 365 drawings for my exhibition. Fighting!!! Fighting!!!


16 NOVEMBER • I was always wonder how stray cats in the street polish and sharpen their crawls? No scratching pole out there so how? Then I saw this white cat and black patches, scratching on the crack of the wall, just down my HDB flat...

Monday, November 16, 2009


15 NOVEMBER • Today I went to Ms M's new house to help her take some measurements. After that, she offered me to have dinner at her mum's house, when I heard its dumplings, I decided to ditch the habit of "no food after 6pm", Amy's dumplings are really delicious, healthy and the herbal soups plus chili sauce....ummmmm...perfect.


14 NOVEMEBER • It was my birthday gift from a Japanese girlfriend. But it was gone to no where in my office...I am so sad...Where are you?

Sunday, November 15, 2009


14 NOVEMBER • Morning. FINALLY, ITS SETTLED!!!! My solo exhibition, first time in Singapore, thanks to a friendly and helpful Annabelle, person-in-charge of SUBSTATION. Annabelle gave me lots of advices and the dates are confirmed, 22 April to 25 April 2010. I am really looking forward.


13 NOVEMBER • I am trying to cut cost in my daily spending. Especially when everything are so expensive here in Singapore. We need to"tigthen' our pockets a little in order to continue to a high living standard place here. I went to FANCY PAPERS headquarter near my office to check out if there is similar and cheaper drawing papers which can be a substitute of my current A5 size Daler Rowney 230gsm arcylic paper which I always buy from ART FRIEND. I was really happy to find IVOLINE EMBOSSED TOILE 3, 250gsm, A2 size comes in a packet. Only $48 plus $3 cutting fee, I can get 1000 of A5 out of that 1 packet!!!!! Wahhhhhhhhhh...really can save a lot of $$$$$ ne...happy happy!

Friday, November 13, 2009


12 NOVEMBER • I had a really good lunch today with a few good colleagues. Then at night after work, I went to IKEA with Ms M cos she needs to get some cheap furnitures. IKEA furnitures though quality so so but they are really cheap man. We found some really nice design items, make some calculation, I can tell Ms M is satisfied... :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009


11 NOVEMBER • I thought the ART meeting will take about 3 hours long, however, it ended less than half an hour. Then later after lunch, all my colleagues (ART & EDITORIAL) were not in the office, some on leave and the rest out for editorial meeting. First time, I was left department was so quiet until I can even hear a mosquito eeeeeeeeeeeee near my ear...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


10 NOVEMBER • After talking to YH yesterday night, I was much better. The up & down emotions I had unintentionally stored in the stomach turn my health upside down. It was for sure GOD's grace and help that He made me to see my emotion and unhappiness in another perspective. I don't escape but face them with courage. Ummmm...Now I can boldly said I am ok yo!!!!

Monday, November 09, 2009


8 NOVEMBER • I finally met the magnificent Pudding, the violent cat. It's JH's new adopted street cat, 4 months old very very very cute, look harmless when he is still but when he bites...ummmmm....

Sunday, November 08, 2009


20-27 OCTOBER • This is our 2nd travel trip together but its our first trip to Nagasaki in Kyushui. Very unforgetable, first of all, the food, the scenery, the people and the weather...Of course, there are sweet times and sad times, we gone through that together. We learn and understand each other better. Whenever I look at the pictures we both shot, it just brought back to me a lots of good was a really a good trip... :)

Monday, November 02, 2009


18 OCTOBER • After much waiting, I finally attended Ms V's wedding in Tokyo. She was very very pretty in the flowy white gown. I was so happy and touched to see her marched into the chapel...I shed a little tears. :)And hahahaha, I got the bride's bouquet! Goodness, I was for sure not expecting it. Ummmm...When will be my turn?