Thursday, October 08, 2009


7 OCTOBER • First to arrive in the FEMALE department. 2 strange things happened...While, unpacking all my carton boxes, I accidentally spilled my glass of water on the desk, so....all my books and magazines were wet...:( Then later, when my computer was being transferred to my new work desk, there was a BOOM! Then next, I see smoke coming out from the CPU...Thank God, I happened to be some distance away from my desk...or else...ummmmmm...

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


6 OCTOBER • Today is my last day with ICON. Very sad but I have my reason to leave...Some minor shifting done in the morning and my fellow ICON team gave me a farewell lunch. I was so so touched to received a black book with pictures of selected work that I have done for the past 4 years in ICON. Each of them chose their favourite work of mine and attached with a note. I didn't cry because I knew it will not be a forever goodbye. I will see them again and maybe work together again in future, I wouldn't know. I love you all. Thank you ICON.

Monday, October 05, 2009

我又見到洋平了-SINGAPORE (31Jul-9Aug) Last

9 AUGUST • Yes, it's national day today. Today YH is leaving Singapore to Taiwan. I was surprised I take the parting quite easy because maybe I knew I will see him soon in October...I was really exhausted on the way home in the bus...The last 10 days were a good memories. I will never forget.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

我又見到洋平了-SINGAPORE (31Jul-9Aug) Part 1

8 AUGUST • After traveling for more than 5 hours in the bus, we were back in Singapore. Custom clearance at both JB and Singapore very fast. And because YH is leaving Singapore tomorrow, I only got tonight to let him try more local food. We rested at home but left house for dinner soon. Took YH to AH CHANG porridge stall, he felt in love with the fish porridge and yu sheng.

我又見到洋平了-KUALA LUMPUR (31Jul-9Aug) PART 3

7 AUGUST • I woke up feeling really rotten...:( because I didn't sleep the whole night due to my cough. Both YH and myself were tired. But we were meeting Jack for breakfast and later to get our bus tickets back to Singapore the next day. I was really I decided to give the Batu Cave a miss and let YH go by himself. I headed back guestroom and slept for a few hours. We met Jack again at night to a street where the lady boys are. YH wanted to see after he got back from Bangkok...But we told him to lower his expectation here...Malaysia Lady boys are....ummmmm...very different from those in Thailand...