Wednesday, September 30, 2009

我又見到洋平了-KUALA LUMPUR (31Jul-9Aug) PART 2

6 AUGUST • Jack offered to drive us out for dinner at a night market near his mother-in-law's house. For the first time, YH tried the smelly fried tofu, he seems to like it, I was surprise, frankly speaking, I really cannot take the smell so I distanced myself from both of them. Of course, Jack bought durians for YH to try...hahahahaha, can tell from YH's face, he didn't like it at all...Indeed, durians not easily accepted by many people, especially Japanese...hee...Anyway, we had famous pig liver noodles (I ate the normal noodles without liver) and also snack along the stretch of stalls in the night market, I really like this place. Thanks to Jack.

我又見到洋平了-KUALA LUMPUR (31Jul-9Aug) PART 1

6 AUGUST • We arrived KL in the afternoon. We wanted to stay in a guest house in Chinatown recommended by YH's Japanese guidebook but sad to find out the room doesn't come with windows, no good no good. We left for another options and this time, room is good with windows plus attached bathroom. Happy.

I called Jack and asked him if he is free to meet up. After that we went to KLCC cos' YH wanted to see the twin tower. Took some pictures near the tower but we didn't get up there, instead we went to the aquarium!!!! Happy! I always like aquarium and I didn't know there is one near KLCC. Pretty big aquarium and it took us about an hour to walk through. I really enjoyed.:)


29 SEPTEMBER • I told Ms M that I have to stop buying the expensive A5 DAILER ROWNEY paper for my P-DIARY drawings, instead thinking of getting bigger piece paper and cut to A5 size mysellf. Then Ms M suggested getting fancy paper from a paper supplier FANCY PAPER near my office and maybe they can help me trim to the size I want if I buy in bulk. Ummmm...good idea. Thanks to Ms M. and also YH, I learn the importance of saving $ recently...

我又見到洋平了-MALACCA (31Jul-9Aug) PART 2

5 AUGUST • Breakfast bought by YH. Vegetables sandwiches and hot milk tea on a rainy morning in Malacca. I am touched. Thank you. :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

我又見到洋平了-MALACCA (31Jul-9Aug) PART 1

4 AUGUST • We reached Malacca at about 6.30pm from JB. Only today, I realised famous Jonker street night market only open from Friday night to Sunday night. Market 'rest' from Monday to Thursday. You just imagine the street was like a dead town when we arrived. Nevertheless, we checked in to our SAMA SAMA guest house on Jonker street. It was a very nice old shop house, we both really like our room.

I was coughing badly due to the hot and cold water at DESARU and Kota Tingggi. I couldn't sleep the whole night...and I am sure YH didn't too cos' my cough was loud...So sorry to YH. So I decided to stay and rest in my room the next day. It was raining. YH offered to buy breakfast for me. It was a nice day to stay on a warm bed. We learn English together, hahaha, actually it was YH's English learning homework he brought with him. Ummm...hardworking student...


26 SEPTEMBER • When was the last time I had this drink? least 4 to 5 years ago. Something I will not crave for cos' I don't really like sweet in general. But I needed a cold drink in such a hot weather today. Really shiok...

我又見到洋平了-KOTA TINGGI (31Jul-9Aug)

4 AUGUST • We left for kota Tinggi early in the morning. We wouldn't sure at first how to get there (that's the thing I find very interesting about this travel, a lot of things are not planned, we go by flow). Thanks to the helpful Guesthouse owner, she offered us a ride to the bus terminal where we can take a bus from there to our destination. It didn't take us very long from Desaru to Kota Tinggi, we reached the bus terminal at KT but surprised to know that only transport to the waterfall is by taxi...not ex so no choice...when we saw the waterfall, it was worth all the trouble traveling there. We swam in the cool water and we also walked around the waterfall area. was really fun.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

我又見到洋平了-DESARU (31Jul-9Aug) PART 3

3 AUGUST • It was my first time chilling out on a beach at night. Not like any of our East coast beach or Sentosa's where you have street lamps. Here was really pitch dark except the moonlight. I thought it was really romantic...listening to the sea breeze and talking to YH. Before that we had a good dinner and we were really starving after the long walk at the beach in the afternoon. It didn't take us very long at the beach, we headed back to guest house for a beer (special requested from guest house owner to get for us) Apparently, beers are hard to find in a Muslim country. (PS: YH is really fallen in love with SARSI...:) )

Friday, September 25, 2009

我又見到洋平了-DESARU (31Jul-9Aug) PART 2

3 AUGUST • Once we checked in to our guest house (which is not very happening), we walked to the nearby beach. Wow the beach is so so good. The sun was scotching hot but I was surprised that I didn't bother about getting tanned or whatsoever, I simply enjoyed the sea breeze and sand. I think YH also equally enjoyed. We spent a long 5 to 6 hours on the beach, played on a swing, making sand face, YH buried himself in the sand and dashing into the sea, swimming...I could only simply watch cos' I did not bring my swimming costume...sign...

我又見到洋平了-DESARU (31Jul-9Aug) PART 1

3 AUGUST • I took a ferry with YH at the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal on an early Monday morning. Weather was good. I enjoyed the ferry ride with YH very much. I think he was also excited. We loved the breeze and sun. From Singapore to Desaru, less than an hour, we reached the beautiful beach by a bumpy road ride in a taxi van. It is my first time, traveling with a guy, first time to Desaru, first time to a beach away from Singapore...

我又見到洋平了-新加坡 (31Jul-9Aug) PART 3

2 AUGUST • Today is YH's third day in Singapore. I wanted to let him try as many local food as possible. We had roast duck and cha kway teow for brunch. After that we headed to Little India. YH always been into Indian stuff since he made his first trip to India last year. We had plata, mango lasi and ginger tea for lunch. YH wanted to see the Merlion again so I brought him there. I realised Singapore is really quite boring...Anyway, we took some pictures at the Merlion and left the place to Liang court to do some travel research on Malaysia at Kinokuniya bookshop. We were exhausted by then. Headed home to take a rest and for dinner, we had 肉骨茶 at Tiong Bahru Market, can tell that YH really enjoyed it. I saw SARSI drink selling there and he knew about this drink from his travel guide. So so so of course, I ordered a can for him, he thinks SARSI tasted like medication but he simply love the strange taste. hahaha...