Monday, August 24, 2009

我和Ms M都愛上了......

18 AUGUST • This cake shop near Ms M's house at Tiong Bahru. The cakes and gui really very very good. We both bought some back and tried so far none of this cakes disappoint us. We gone there 2 times, looking forward to try some other cakes. Everything there are yummy!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

我又見到洋平了-新加坡 (31Jul-9Aug) PART 2

1 AUGUST • This is YH's 2nd day in Singapore. I brought him to a old coffee shop near Ms M's house for breakfast. I ordered kaya butter toasts and fishball mee suan soup for him to try. He liked it. Especially the toasts. Before that, he also tried ang ku gui. After breakfast, we went home to rest and did some research on our Malaysia trip. I go online, he read his Jap guide. We decided. Desaru - Kota Tinggi - Malacca - KL. Depart on Monday morning and come back Singapore on Saturday afternoon. It was good to chill on a Saturday afternoon. YH simply loved Chinese fried rice so much that we had that for dinner just before we left for NIGHT SAFARI. We were really tired when we reached home. It was a good day anyway. :)

我又見到洋平了-新加坡 (31Jul-9Aug) PART 1

31 JULY • This was YH's 2nd visit to Singapore. Arrived at night from Bangkok, I was at Terminal 1 to pick him up after work. Happy to see him. A little tanned but looked refreshing, guess it was a fun trip in Thailand. On the way back home in the MRT (last train, lucky...) we chatted a little and he showed me many pictures he took in Thailand. From the digital camera, I could see that he really been to a lot of places, eaten many good food and snacks. And because it was already pretty late when we reached Tiong Bahru, I took him to a nearby 24hour Indian stall for dinner or rather supper. Roti Plata and Mee Goreng we had, taste not bad. Maybe its because of him? Ummmm...maybe.