Wednesday, July 08, 2009


6 JULY • Went to the clinic again. While waiting for my turn to see the Doc. I suddenly have this evil thought...God please forgive me...

Sunday, July 05, 2009


4 JULY • I am a little better today. Got up and watch DVD. The last 2 days were just eat, sleep and watch DVD. Not bad, can spend some time with my sister who is resting at my place. Mum has been cooking everyday, so thank to sis, I get to eat home cooked food everyday. Not bad to fall sick at this time.


3 JULY • I did not get better. Still stay bedridden most of the time. The medication is powerful to make you feel drowsy the whole day. I slept for so long...Anyway, it good to take a rest. So far no cough and fever yet this H1N1 make many Singaporeans freaking out man...I didn't think too much, my illness is just a simple cold and sore throat caused by change of weather and insufficient rest. Ok, I need more rest now...Good night.


2 JULY • I caught a cold. Went to the clinic, Doc told me I have a throat infection as well. And because the H1N1 thingy, Doc has warned me to be careful and monitor my condition if there is fever or cough for the next 3 days. After the medication, I was really 'gong gong' and in order not to pass this to anyone else in my family, especially my sister who just discharged from hospital. I put on a mask. I hope I will better tomorrow...2 days medical leave...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


1 JULY • Today's I lost a very precious bracelet. The pain is indescribable..


30 JUNE • My sister has finally discharged from the Hospital. She will be staying at my house for the next 10 days. Mum cooking good nutritious food for her, she sleeps on my bed and in my room so that I can watch over her if anything happen a gain (touch wood, it won't). Kind of stress, I tends to stay very alert the whole night, awake if she goes to the toilet...have to careful la, no choice but I am glad she is going fine.


27 JUNE • Shocked and still shocked. Sister admitted to hospital again due lost of blood. Blame the 'fibroid monster' who believed, has been sucking all the nutrients from my sister's body for very long. Look at the size, (10cm by 9cm) big...don't you think this monster deserve a hard kick?!!!