Thursday, June 25, 2009


25 JUNE • After work, I went to the hospital to pay visit to my younger sister Judy who was admitted yesterday for an operation. She looks fine except the pain is still there. I told her the importance of a yearly health screening especially for women...By the way, she was there for fibroid removal operation.


24 JUNE • Finally, it rained today. After the scotching hot sun the last few days. I always enjoy rainy days, I will either sleep at home or out for a walk. Not been exercising for a week due to my busy schedule so I had a good 30mins run today. The run flashed out all my unhappiness that happened in the day. Good. GOD is good.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


23 JUNE • I am really very tired and busy lately. Don't even have the energy and time to go gym...Not just with my mag but with many many personal things and friends' burdens. Then I think of my family...In life, we do not have a choice to choose what kind of family or even parents we want. BUT I believe GOD has His reason for putting people together. Because of LOVE, we must be responsible to our family. Because of LOVE, we must learn to give and take and forgive. At the end of the day, they are all we have...On this earth, there is only 1 dad and 1 mum to every children. Let's learn to love them.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


22 JUNE • I was having a terrible headache the whole day in my office. I don't know why...pain just came abruptly. I suspect maybe because I didn't have enough rest over the weekends so Monday was a bad day for me. I never liked headache...made me loose my temper easily. I want to have a drink tonight after work...looking forward.

Monday, June 22, 2009


19/20/21 JUNE • I stayed at home on Friday night and both weekends full day to work on my watch trend montages. I got use to working on rest days, no choice, have to finish 10 pages of montage by Monday. Without distractions from phone calls and boss in the office. I can be more productive at home, hahahaha.

Friday, June 19, 2009


18 JUNE • Finally 'she' arrived. Always the time of the month, I got used to it for 20 years. It's just that as I grow older, I experience different changes in my body. For example, body ache during menses...ache ache ache, woman! woman! I better get some rest tonight...

Thursday, June 18, 2009


17 JUNE – PART A • Today, I have done what I always been doing. This is my life.

1. Everyday (since last Monday), I have been walking to Ms M's D27 house to take transport with her. Start walking at 8am, about 15mins walk.
2. On the way, bought freshly baked mini buns for breakfast.
3. Once reached office, I worked non-stop till lunch. Busy.
4. I have addicted to fish soup for lunch lately. Healthy. Fresh sliced fish with tofu, lots of vegetables.
5. Brought some organic honey combs (mum bought from Penang) to office and make into hot drinks for my colleagues to try. Ms M, boss EY and Ms K loves it.


17 JUNE – PART B • Finally, I can knock off...Tired and making my way home by MRT. The train is packed with people as usual. On the way back, I was thinking to myself. What will I be if I am without a job, I think I will bored to death. I guess so. But then again, I wouldn't not want to be a "workaholic" either, I still want my life. Ummmmm...what shall I eat for dinner later? Sushi? MOS burger?...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


16 JUNE • I have been updating my P-diary diligently as many have noticed. Am I not busy? Yes, I am but in order not to disappoint my fans out there, I need to do this daily. Its a diary not weekly journal. In my P-diary, I get to express myself here, my feelings...Been with ICON for 4 years, frankly speaking, I hardly read my magazine. Getting more and more boring? I think so, I think I am getting bored. I rather read my book than ICON...sad sad sad...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


13 JUNE • Went breakfast with Ms M on a hot but beautiful happy Saturday morning but stupid me never noticed there was a huge fish meat with bone in there, 1 gulp, one tiny sharp bone went into my gum!!! Painful!!!! Despite people starring at me, I tried all my best to dig it out but it just got so stubborn and refused to come out. In the end, I got to get professional help, my dentist.


12 JUNE • My sushi craving still going very strong since the day I came back from Tokyo. BUT today, I decided to ditch carbo (no sushi) and go for pure protein, sashimi. Heeee... To make my dinner a little bit more variety and interesting, I made miso soup (instant type) and bought seaweed (big piece used for hand-roll) as well. Tear a small piece of seaweed, pick up a small slice of salmon sashimi, dip it with soya sauce and a little wasabi. Wrap it up and enjoy. Yummy!!!! Good good good!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


10/11 JUNE • I started working on my sketches at 8pm the moment I got home and worked till 10.30pm, I was really exhausted so I slept early. Unfortunately, I woke up at 3am because in my mind, I knew there is some unfinished business, my WATCH TREND concept is not finalized yet!!! Ahhhhhh...stressed...then I started go online to do some research. In the end I realized by the time I finish, it was already 6am...:(

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


10 JUNE • I am busy recently. A lot of ideas to think ne...Currently, I am working on a watch trend story which involved 8 images products sourcing. Looking around at fashion boutique, homeware shops and even checking out some reference books at Kino can help me to decide what's good to use for this photo shoot. Don't you like my job? :)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


9 JUNE • Mum came back from Johore Bahru (Malaysia) today after a 2 days meditation Church camp. With her are 2 boxes of egg pastry which I like very much!!!! I am going to bring 1 box to office for my colleagues to try tomorrow. Sure they will like it. :)

我愛聽日本流氓 '卷蛇' 口音。

6 JUNE • I think I am a little fascinated with the way this Japanese BAD BOYS speak. Its curly words with a loud tone and a threatening expresssion. YH told me it very vulgar the way they speak (don't imitate), just hear for fun. I will laugh till I drop whenever I hear YH demonstrate the way they talked, so funny!!!! Don't mind reading one of this bad boys manga next time. Hahaha.