Tuesday, April 21, 2009


19 APRIL • NIGHT . It was 35 degree on Saturday. Sunday night also no better. HOT HOT HOT!!!!! To save electricity and be a more ECO sensitive person, I decided to sleep naked for the first time. Ummm...not too bad, quite cooling but have to make sure door is locked at all time and clothes next to your bed in case of emergency, you won't want to run for life without your clothes on...hahaha.


19 APRIL • DAY. 365 days. The same old hot weather. The same pair of friends. The same tea break from MOS burger. No change no change. It's a boring Sunday.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


14 APRIL • On the way to lunch with my colleagues, found a black kitten (sorry, my drawing very bad, Ms M said the kitten looks like a 1 or 2 years old cat...:( Has a little cut on his right leg, so poor thing, wonder if I can bring home but I don't think Bowie will be happy...


12 APRIL • Sunday suppose to be quite a 'xian' day to many of us who needs to work on Monday. It's was 12.30am. I was half asleep and half awake lying on my bed. Mobile rang and it was YH. I was happy to hear his voice and we chatted a little. Ummmm...Happy!!! But...seems near yet so far...that kind of feeling...sign...

Sunday, April 12, 2009


11 APRIL • Started my first personal training session at Fitness First this morning. Within 1 hour, 550Kcal was burnt. Not too bad today. And because I couldn't go to the gym for about 1 month due to my recent heart procedure, I find it kind of difficult to work out for too long and my heart rate can easily shoot up to 150 even with a very slow jog on threadmail. I guess I have to give myself sometime to regain my previous stamina. Anyway, I went to TOASTBOX for my yam cake and a less sugar tea with milk. It's one of my favorite. Highly recommend warm yam cake without the black sweet sauce.


8 APRIL • I have chicken box? No no no. I have lots of sweat droplets on my body because I was having a very relax moment at the sauna room. Gone to gym and this sauna is in the ladies toilet. In there for 10 to 15 minutes, I enjoyed the steam bath very much. Shiok!!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


5 APRIL • After church, despite the heavy rain, we still made our way to Vivo City. We were not hungry because of a heavy porridge breakfast in the morning. We decided to shop around and Ms M bought something from ZARA, as for me, only some lingerie from TOPSHOP. Lunch we had it in the crowded food court, FOOD REPUBLIC. After that, we had our favorite soya green tea latte at STARBUCKS and chat a little. That's our Sunday lah...


4 APRIL • Like the rest of the days, today is equally hot. I went out for a massage and lunch and by the time I reached home, my t-shirt and hair were soaked with swear...But I tried not to drink cold water despite the heat, reason being that I understand that cold water is not good to our bodies especially to women, in Chinese medication perspectives, cold water will 'chill' the womb and knees when the coldness entered into our bones.