Thursday, November 13, 2008


27 OCTOBER • I cooked this for a gathering on Deepavali. I remembered I try this vegetable dish in a restaurant before and I can't forget the taste. Its all vegetables and I think it really very healthy and simple to prepare. Do try this yourself at home.


10-12 NOVEMBER • Office is very very dusty now. Why? We are moving from our existing 'paradise' on level 7 office to level 5 temporary office. Down-grade huh? No lah, because ICON is a luxury tittle so the team should be parked together with another luxury mag PEAK (already on level 5) so we have to shift, however the new office is not ready so we got to move to a very retro looking office and suck there until new office renovation is done after 6 weeks. Most of my colleagues fell sick, I suspect its the dust and virus in the office because of the heavy packing...the dust has been awaken ahhhhhhhh!!!!!