Thursday, August 07, 2008


5 AUGUST • I met Meng & Cat for dinner at Chinatown. Cat just came back from genting highland in malaysia. According to her, it was supposed to be a good trip. But something happened that make her very unhappy.

Cat's room mate who is also her colleague brought man A to their room one night. of course, everyone knows what they are doing. But the problem is, Cat was sleeping in the room at that time. I could imagine how embarrassing she was that night...

The best part was that she was really very urgent and needed to run to the toilet plus the strong wind blowing from the open window. She was damm freezing cold. However, in that situation, it seems that she could only play dead and hopefully, her room mate can finish her business as soon as possible so that Cat can run to the toilet...

The next morning, Cat met another man B in the same room with her room mate.

What did they do inside the room? Cat didn't bother to find out.

Will there be a man C appear after that?

Sometimes I wonder could it be I just being naive or ignorance. Maybe such incident is very common in this present society. But I really cannot accept the fact that a girl can be easily picked up by guys.

Maybe I still live in a old world. I cannot understand. Maybe the room mate has never love her boyfriend. Maybe she doesn't even know what love is all about. I felt pity for her boyfriend..

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


5 AUGUST • I hate to comb my hair or rather I do not have the habit of combing my hair since young. I tried to make this a habit now because my hair is getting longer and longer...I am trying to be a lady so I have to learn to behave like one by starting to comb my hair every morning. ummm...


26 JULY • I discoverd a huge grey/brown cat at my house compound with Ms V. He is really really very big, especially his head. So big and chubby, suddenly, I wanted to carry him home but I knew in my mind its impossible. He is a very friendly cat. I called him Tarzen. Hee...