Tuesday, July 22, 2008


TRANSLATION: Monday. It was a busy Monday. I will get more and more busy in the next 2 months. I want to finish my work and complete them well. At the same time, I got to remind myself to stay relax at all times. I got some plans to make, some trips to plan but taking into consideration of my health as I am still recovering. I need to plan the trips much later of the year. The grass is so cooling...I love the nature...


TRANSLATION: Sunday. I went to church this morning. I feel the peace when worshiping the Lord and hearing the sermon from Pastor David Lim touches my heart. I am slowly getting use to the medication for my heart, despite the fact that I am still feel lethargic all the time. So far, I am still doing fine. I believe God has every reason for letting a heart relapse happened to me. Maybe he wanted me to slow my pace in my busy life and focus on more important thing rather than work. I remembered a familiar verse in the bible which I liked very much.

" I can do everything through HIM who gives me strength." - Philippians 4:13

Friday, July 18, 2008


TRANSLATION: Its the medication again...dreadful dreadful dreadful...I have a job photoshoot today. During break in between, I took a short nap...


TRANSLATION: I am back home after seeing the cardiologist. My operation will be in feb 2009. I have wanted it to be next year. Didn't feel good at all, not just only the fact that I have to go through the dreadful operation again but the thing is I have to give up my India trip for the time being or maybe it's going to be a 'never' trip to me. Sign... To add on my misery, the long term medication is making me very uncomfortable and I have to tolerate this discomfort for a long while till my operation...I am quite depressed now...I pray that I will be better soon...

Sunday, July 13, 2008


TRANSLATION: This is my 3rd relapse since year 2006. My heart was beating really fast at 175bpm when I was resting still at home on last Saturday afternoon. I tried to minimize any big movements in order not to let my heart pump even faster. Stayed still or not, the heart rate move up & down between 135 to 155bpm and is equivalent to a normal person's heart rate who is on a run (When resting, the average adult human heart beats at about 70 bpm (males) and 75 bpm (females)). Thank GOD, Ms V was around, called out to her and we both rushed to hospital in a cab. I was given an injection to slow down my heart beat which gone up 185bpm by then. I started to have breathing problem. Doctor told me that I have to rest well cos he told me it's my emotions like stress and anger that triggered the attack. Anyway, I will be seeing my Cardiologist on Monday. I think I can't escape the pacemaker implant cos' my condition did not show any improvements since the relapse 2 years ago...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


TRANSLATION: After rested for 10 days at home. I am back at work today. Someone told me before that human being are created to work, I do agree because if you ask me to stay at home doing nothing, I think I will go crazy, hahahaha...Mixed feelings today...I got to know a sad news that a good friend cum colleague is planning to leave but I will respect his decision because he is my friend and I want him to be happy.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


TRANSLATION: I was waiting for my bus just now when this Indian man was walking to and fro in front of me. He was rather distracting not just because he was talking over the phone non-stop, the thing is that he kept holding on to his 'little brother' as if 'he' is going to drop off any times...I was really really disturbed by his action...I wonder do all men behave like that???? I guess not all...

Monday, July 07, 2008


TRANSLATION: Gone shopping with my mother this afternoon. I accidentally hit myself against a metal display stand, goodness!!!!! my head was really spinning and my vision was blur, it was damm damm damm painful that I nearly screamed out!!!! I was having such a bad headache when I reached home. Took a long sleep but the pain didn't go off. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! $#$&^*&**%%$&***^%^#$#@#!!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008


TRANSLATION: I was attracted by the little advertisement in my church leaflet this afternoon. "Trip to Israel & Jordan" wow!!!! It's so tempting...I always wanted to travel to middle eastern countries especially to Israel, the birth place of Jesus. Traveling with church is definitely going to be very meaningful. BUT, its in December, I got many trips to go end of the year, India, Tokyo and Hong kong... so I think I am going to give Israel a miss again this time...sob sob sob...

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


TRANSLATION: Ok first of all I wasn't physically present at the time of the accident. This drawing was 'inspired' by a good friend from Tokyo who told me about his mishap in the kitchen where he was working recently. Due to unfamiliarity with the kitchen knife, he cut himself a few times. errrrrrrrr....I felt sorry for him yet I think I would want to use this drawing in a humorous way to cheer him up. Hahahaha, I hope he won't get offended and misunderstand that I was making fun of him...