Monday, October 29, 2007


TRANSLATION: I was after the cat and she was after the bird...-I was at Ms M's house on one Saturday. While relaxing and chilling out at the balcony, something caught my attention at the corner of my eyes. Muji, 'the queen of D27', Ms M's cat was up to no good, she found a new 'toy' and to my surprise, it was a traumatized red eyes black bird. Before I can do anything, Muji was chasing after the poor birdie, almost going to tear the poor fellow into pieces. Well, thank GOD the master came to pull her away in order for me to pick up the shivering birdie up and set it free from Muji's claws...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Translation: OUR LUNCH-My colleagues and I were snacking on some good fried chicken and fresh shrimps before our lunch break. We were so fulled till we couldnt even think of ordering and finishing a dish on ourselves. In the end, we ordered and shared a small plate of vegetables. Can you imagine the scenerio? 4 girls tucking in a small plate of vege...People thought we are all on a diet or something...simply we are too 'broke' to order our own food.

Monday, October 01, 2007


TRANSLATION: MY BEST FRIEND IS BACK - Friend, Vivian came back from Japan after 1 year working there. She must be really tired after a long hours flight. As for me, tired like mad, guess to much activities on Sunday had drained me down...anyway, should try to have fun since Sunday is a rest day.