Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Day 1

TRANSLATION: MY HONG KONG TRIP - Day no. 1-first time flying with a budget airline, frankly speaking, it didnt give me a very good impression. Too many seats with so many passengers, someone like me who has long legs suffered when leg room space is so small. Hong kong's weather is unpredictable, rain and shine at the same time. Didnt really eat much but I did walk a lot though.

Day 2

TRANSLATION: MY HONG KONG TRIP - Day no. 2-Went out alone early in the morning. First stop to JORDEN, heading to a shop that sells herbs and some dried seafood. Need to buy some nice dried scallopts. It was raining that day. Next I went to SHINHO PLAZA to pick up some Korean drama dvds, super happy to find out they were so cheap! Happy with what I got.
Day 3

TRANSLATION: MY HONG KONG TRIP - Day no. 3-I didnt really have a lot good food. The only meal I thought worth mentioning was the AMERICAN BREAKFAST in the hotel. Very tasty pan-fried sausage wrapped up with bacons. As for dinner, I had roasted pork and light sauce chicken at a price of HK33, I was satisfied. Of course, tibits is someting that I cannot go without during a travel trip, pick up some really good bread in a pastry shop near my hotel.