Friday, June 07, 2013


3 JUNE • Something that you think smell good but might be "smell like poo" to others.
Sorry, durians season is here... Sorry. Truly.


12 MAY • I am not someone who pick on people's weaknesses and laugh at them.
Found one lady I met in the bus when on the way home, she has this very interesting
toe nails which are strangely smaller than usual. Ummmm... I couldn't stop looking at her toes...

Wednesday, June 05, 2013


13 FEBRUARY • Imagination has no limit.


12 FEBRUARY • Wanted to give something to a girlfriend who is going to delivery
her first child soon. So I thought of a poppy pillow which is very useful for mother
when breast feeding her nipper. Hope she likes it.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013


10 FEBRUARY • Happy New Year!!!


10 FEBRUARY • Nothing much to do during Chinese New Year holiday. Need to exercise because of the massive eating and snacking during this time. Went to toastbox with hubby, surprise to find that they were opened throughout the 3 days of CNY. Lucky!

Monday, June 03, 2013


9 FEBRUARY • Lately, I started to pick up sewing as a hobby. I learn while I sew.
Luckily, I have an auntie who used to be a seamstress and she taught me many tips
about sewing and drafting. It was fun. Oh, I saw a top for myself today. :D

Sunday, June 02, 2013


08 FEBRUARY • Eve of Chinese Lunar New Year. This is the time of the year
when my mum will cook many of our favorite dishes for the reunion dinner.
Dishes which I don't get to eat on 'normal days'. Know what?
Mum's cooking is the best!!!!


7 FEBRUARY • First day of my freedom. Met up with my official
ex-colleague com good friend Ms M for a traditional toast and tea at our favorite kopitiam cos she needed to go somewhere nearby to work this morning. This old kopitiam serves yummy kaya sugar toast. Best!


05 FEBRUARY • I said goodbye to my company where I worked for 9 and half years. Need to celebrate for my new freedom to do anything I want with the time I have from now. Yeah!!

Monday, July 02, 2012


10 JUNE • I met Chie san (YH's auntie) for the first time in October last year during YH's sister's wedding. But I couldn't have much time to talk to her. The only thing I knew about her is that she is a calligraphy teacher in YH's hometown, Mukawa. This time, I could pay her a visit. Went to her classroom (and her house as well), I tried writing some words, hiragana and kanji. I wrote and she corrected me. It was fun because the last time I learned writing calligraphy was during my secondary school days and I totally forgotten what I had learned. Chie san was kind enough to give me a massage and 3 kani (crabs) as present. I was touched. Really kind lady. I hope to see her again. :)


7 JUNE • I woke up in YH friend's garage this morning. Weather was really cooling. I looked out of the window to see so many beautiful flowers which I didn't get to see the night before when I reached his house. His mum brought us around to check out her little garden, so many beautiful flowers all taken care by her. I was so amazed by the tree house too!!!! What a lovely garden she has! A city girl like me couldn't help feeling envious as I don't get to see such a lovely garden in Singapore... :(


6 JUNE • First time meeting YH's hometown friends for BBQ since we didn't have a wedding party in Hokkaido. YH's friend has a garage just outside his house. I had great time meeting his friends (about 10 of them) They were all YH's high school, judo friends. Though I could fully understand what they were talking about (my Japanese is bad), I could sense they are really down to earth good kind friends of YH. Some of them are farmers! Wow, I must visit their farms :D As for the BBQ. I love the mushrooms and green peper bbq. So yummy. I can fully understand why vegetables in Hokkaido are so fresh and yummy. But I made a big mistake by mixing my red wine with white wine...big trouble in end I vomited out all my dinner and landed up sleeping in friend's garage overnight with YH. Hahahha... (ps: I gave the bag of vomit to YH to get rid...the rest I cannot remember....heeee)


5 JUNE • I needed to run. So hubby YH brought me to a park near his house. It's called "Tampopo Park". This park is about the size of our track and field in school. The whole is filled with tampopo!!!! So beautiful. I really enjoyed taking pictures there and running round them. The view was so good. I cannot see such view like this in Singapore. I will come back here for a run again. :D


4 JUNE • I took 1 month off from work and Spent 3 weeks in Japan. 1st stop to Hokkaido, flight was long cos I got to make a transit in Hong Kong. And by the time I reached Sapporo, Hokkaido. I was totally exhausted. I told my mother-in-law first thing when she came to the airport to fetch us. I wanted to eat soup curry. She bought me this RAMAI restaurant and I must said the soup curry was fantastic! Compare to the last time I ate in another restaurant, this is the best!

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Coming soon.

Thank you for supporting P-diary.
Maybe you are wondering why there is no update lately.
Sorry, yes, I was busy with something else.
No, P-diary hasn't ceased in operation.
In fact, I am in the midst of planning something.
Will update my diary post soon.
Keep a lookout.
Thank you for your support. :D

Monday, August 15, 2011


21 JULY • I love to try painting on fabric. Tote Bag & T-shirt. Inspiration came from Tsumori Chisato's illustrations on her fashion. Of course, using my illustration style. I want to draw cats, nature & animals... Got a few designs in mind but haven't really started doing anything yet...


17 JULY • I felt in love with checkers print lately. I asked myself why? Guess what, it's because I love stripes. Stripes are vertical lines and borders are horizontal lines. I could imagine once combined, they become checkers. Maybe that's the reason why I love boxes graphic so much, hahahahaha :P

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


15 JUNE • I fell in love with cherry lately. I did not know that they taste so fantastic. Sounds stupid but maybe it is because I used to think fresh cherry will taste like cough mixture, like the preserved ones (those used in cocktail drinks). So I never wanted to try eating one. But I totally changed now. :D I love cherry so much that I willingly paid a lot of $$$ for them...And I even thinking of using them as illustration idea to design a charity Tee for Japan Tsunami victims...What do everyone think?


10 JUNE • I am running for a marathon dream. As a beginner I started from scratch. Been running for 3 months since March. A little by little I have overcome. I will finish the 5km SHAPE RUN on 24 July. And slowly, 10Km and increase a little by little till the day I hope I can run the full marathon at 42.2km. Maybe it will be just a dream, I do not know. GOD said "enjoy the process" is more important. So I will do my best from now and not forgetting to keep my heart strong.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


16 MAY • At first we wanted to watch LADYBOY show but the bar only starts at 7pm and we were early at 6.30pm. No where to go, we were led by the bar owner to a another bar on second level. There was a big stage with a few half naked ladies (most of them in their late 40s) 'looks like' they are doing pole dancing. Actually they were more like just swinging around the pole, not really dancing. Immediately, I realised its not any LADYBOY show, its a real women TIGERSHOW.

We ordered 2 small bottles of tiger beer and then 2 ladies started to perform. Using their xxx to blow candles, hold a pen to write and blowing out pin pong balls. It was my first time watching such a show. I was excited so I bought them 2 drinks (one glass is 100THB).

When it was time to go, we asked for the bill and that was when our nightmare began. The bill came out to be 3,1000THB which was ridiculous. Owner of the bar was a fat lady and she insisted that we must pay up, we tried to reason with her that it should be 300THB and no way we will pay up 3,100THB. She was very angry and instructed her staff in thai to close the door and not letting us out until we pay up. I was freaked out! But YH was so calm and insisted not to pay. The bargain went on and on until YH told me softly in my ear that I should try to go out the bar and wait for him. He then told the owner we will make a police report. I trusted YH and amazingly found strength to push my way through the staffs and dashed out of the bar.

I thought maybe I should call police but I do not know how, after panicking for about 5mins outside the bar, YH came out. He was smiling and when asked how much he pay?Only pay 300THB. I guess...Maybe they were afraid I REALLY gone out to make a police report so they let YH go and pay the bill at 300THB.

It was a scary night for me...

What if they got some big guys to beat up YH during the negotiation. That's the worst scenario I can imagine. Nevertheless, I will never want to go to that street again. After we came out of the bar, YH still asked me "do you still want to watch LADYBOY show?" WTF!!!!! I WANT TO LEAVE THIS F**KING PLACE ASAP!!!!!